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Our Standard Maintenance Solution Will Keep Your Site, Safe, Secure & Up-to-Date

Standard Website Maintenance Plan

$45 Monthly

Standard Website Maintenance 

Ongoing Maintenance & Support • We are happy to update content, add new pictures, and keep your site accurate and relevant. While new pages or significant changes to the look and layout of the website would be a separate fee, we do not nickel and dime the common updates that are required for a well maintained website.

You are encouraged to send new pictures whenever possible if your site has a gallery, or to reach out if you need to change the description of an offering or other details on the site. We want you to take as much pride in your website as we do. 

Monthly Analytics Reports • We want all of our customers to be successful. Thank goodness, in the world of technology, success is measurable. Basic analytics reports will be available monthly, so you can see and measure the health of your web presence. 

High Speed Server Hosting • Not only is page-lag a drag for your potential customers, but the search engine is not a fan of websites with slow load time. We offer excellent hosting for our websites.

Security Updates • About 1/3 of the internet is powered by WordPress. It is a fantastic platform that allows for flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing internet landscape. This also makes it a target for those who want to spam as many people as possible.

It is VITAL that your website's plugins, and that WordPress itself is kept up-to-date. No website is too big or too small to be safe from the bots that seek to infect your sites online. We regularly update all of our websites to meet the highest level of security possible.

NOTE: If you choose to forego a maintenance plan with Lattice Marketing, it is essential that you, or someone technically proficient, is trained in how to keep the site up-to-date and protected. We offer maintenance for those who are too busy or too computer-shy to keep up with the security and relevance of their websites.

However, we absolutely understand if you want to manage and update your websites in-house. If you plan to forego the maintenance plan, please schedule a free training session with Lattice Marketing on the proper maintenance of your website. We want you to be successful! 


Website Pricing, Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay a larger deposit to reduce monthly payments?

You may pay off your site as quickly as you like, either with larger monthly payments, or a larger deposit. Maintenance and marketing add-ons may also be paid yearly instead of monthly. 

Why is the Zero Deposit plan more expensive?

During the initial design phase, a lot of work and effort is concentrated in the first few weeks of the plan, affecting our ability to work on other paying projects. The price increase offsets the inconvenient affect on our overhead during that time. 

Can I pay the site off in more than 12 payments?

Number of Payments can be increased only by increasing the frequency of payments. For instance, you can pay weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly. However, all websites must be paid off within a year of the first scheduled payment, or Lattice Marketing retains ownership of the website content. Domain names remain the property of the business, so long as they pay the domain registrar. 

What happens to my website if I miss a payment?

If your credit or debit card is declined for any reason, you will be notified by phone and email. If payment isn't made available within 45 days, your site will be turned off. If there are extenuating circumstances, please do not hesitate to communicate those with us. Communication is key in resolving payment issues. We want all of our customers to be successful. Lattice Marketing retains ownership of the website content and design until the site is paid off. We offer forgiveness for one late payment, but subsequent late payments carry a 15% Late fee. No site will be deleted within a year of of non-payment, so you may recover your site during that time by paying off the site. Maintenance fees will only apply to the times during which your site is live. 

Do you accept barter as payment?

Under certain circumstances, we may accept full barter or partial barter arrangements. Barter arrangements will require an exchange of invoices with clearly defined dollar amounts, marked as paid.

Do I have to pay for maintenance?

We offer a maintenance plan for those who are too busy, or too technically deficient to manage their website effectively. If you do not wish to pay maintenance on the site, you may opt to be trained on the proper security maintenance of your website in order to prevent hacking. There is no charge for the training. Hosting fees of $180/year or $15/month will still apply. If you do not have the time nor technical ability to log in to your site at least once per month to update your theme and plugins, we highly recommend you opt for at least the minimum maintenance plan.