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What Can a Blog Do For Your Small Business?

SEO – Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Search engines love fresh content. Every time a new blog post is published, there is another opportunity for search engines to scan for keywords. Lattice Marketing uses the top industry methods for identifying and targeting high value keywords in the search engine via fresh content.

Imagine your website is a brick and mortar business that has been built in a deep, dark forest. Every keyword that you target with your website is a new road to your business. The right keywords connect you to the roads with the most traffic.

A blog allows you to improve the infrastructure around your business every month with compounding success as time goes on.

Develop Confidence and Trust

Potential customers today are better informed than every prior generation during the purchasing process. In today’s world, price comparisons, product and service comparisons, and detailed reviews are available with little effort. They want to know what they need, why they need it, and how many options there are.

People have come to expect answers to all of their questions. A well written blog targets common queries and answers them in a helpful, friendly manner. Buyers often end their search once their questions have been answered, and they are much more likely to go with the company that answered them.

Lattice Marketing researches topics thoroughly before every post. We work tirelessly to be sure that all of your business expertise is distilled into beautiful, user friendly content, without you ever having to touch a keyboard.

Improve Social Media Efforts

Whether you are sharing your own content out on social media platforms or not, an informative and useful blog post can go a long way on social media. People like to share useful information with their peers. Blog posts help to add a freshness and professionalism to your own social media channels, but can also bridge over to the social connections of others through direct sharing.

As a bonus, Social Media Sharing can also result in an SEO boost, driving your content even further up the search engine rankings.

Add Longevity to Your Marketing Efforts

Many marketing strategies are useful in the short term. A mailer or an ad campaign can give a good jump in sales for a time, but once the campaign is completed, the boost is as well. This isn’t the case with blogging. In fact, 50% to 75% of your blog traffic is likely to come from posts that were posted a month, to many months, or even years prior. While not every post is considered “evergreen,” some will drive traffic long after their publication date. As your website becomes established in the search engine as an authority, those posts may gain an even stronger foothold in the search rankings.

    Convert Traffic into Sales

All of the traffic in the world is great – but making money is better. Lattice Marketing is focused on one metric more than any other when it comes to our clients. We want to make you more money. That is why we include a call to action on every blog post, encouraging readers to call, fill out a quote form, or join your email list. If you would like to learn more about what a blog can do for your business specifically, or would like to move forward right away with a project for your business’s website, please fill out the form below or CALL JILLIAN BAKER AT 570-266-9883

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Monthly Blog Posts are Included in Three of Our Four Advanced Marketing Plans

Custom Blog Plans are Available Upon Request! Do you have an existing, content managed website? We can provide blog content to your existing site as well! 


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