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If you have ever purchased a Website with "Set It & Forget It" in mind, Chances are, "Forget it" is exactly what Google and Your Potential Customers Did.

Lattice Marketing Ensures that Your Website Stays Top of Mind with Your Potential Customers, and Top of Rank with Google , Using the Best Internet Marketing Strategies Available.

Branded & Beautiful Graphics

Custom Content & Copy-Writing

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We treat your business like our own.
We want you to take as much pride in your web design as we do. 

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Hiring a Web Designer

Is One of The Most Important Decisions a Business Owner Makes

Your Website is Much More than a Digital Business Card or Brochure.

A good web design is more than just a pretty face for your business. A website is supposed to be the hardest working salesperson you ever employ, and just like a sales person, they can make or break a business.

A salesperson wouldn't show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Your website should be dressed to impress your best prospects as well. A visually pleasing design that directs the eye to important calls-to-action on your site is a must.

No one wants to listen to a salesperson go on and on about how great your service is without taking a breath. Likewise, your website should have easy to digest bits of information alongside negative space to avoid information overload. Potential customers want to find friendly, conversational content that informs without fanfare nor unnecessary jargon.

A great salesperson is able to answer common questions, address sales objections, and elicit confidence. The customer should feel secure in the fact that they have found the solution to their problem, or the answer to their search inquiry.

What good is a well dressed, well spoken, well informed salesperson who never shows up to work? Likewise, many a beautiful website have fallen asleep on the job and have been lost to memory due to a lack of basic search engine optimization. Lattice Marketing is as well-versed in speaking to search engines as speaking to humans. We make sure that your website shows up to work for you when people are searching for what you have to offer.

Imagine your best trained sales person refused to pick up the phone for more than half of your potential customers. Since 2016, over 60% of all internet searches are done on a mobile device. You want to aim for mobile friendliness first. Most web designers treat mobile friendliness as an afterthought, if they consider it at all. Our websites are relentlessly mobile tested and optimized. 

If your best salesperson missed every single sales meeting you ever held, they wouldn't be the best for very long. A website needs to be as up-to-date with your business goals and offerings, as well as the ever changing requirements and demands of the search engines. We have discovered a time tested and proven fact of the internet: If you forget your website after you set it... so will the search engine and everyone else.

Get Your Website in the Top Results for Relevant Searches.

Designed With
Humans AND Google In Mind
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Are View-able on Every Device
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